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The Company

You raise the herd.
We raise the standards.

Our slogan has defined what P.F.B. Equipment is all about for more than 25 years.
We are driven by a desire to design and manufacture the highest quality stabling equipment for dairy farmers and beef producers.

Our story reveals unparalleled expertise acquired by working closely over the years with livestock farmers and equipment dealers. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now share vast knowledge and practical advice in regard to animal comfort and the optimization herding.

Our Story


Given favourable market conditions, P.F.B. began its operations on a family farm with the manufacture of gates, and diagonal and headlock feeders. We were also specialized in equipment for beef farming like cattle chutes and electronic scales. The quality of our products immediately gave us access to a distribution network of several trusted dealers in Quebec.


In keeping with growing demand for its quality products and P.F.B. Equipment’s ambitions, a 60 × 200 ft. factory was built in the Wickham industrial park.


Always on the lookout for the latest advancements in livestock farming, P.F.B. decided to apply its expertise to free-stall barns. For this specific purpose, we acquired the Bodco Company range of tie stalls, free stalls and hardware, which allowed us to be part of a larger dealer network in Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario.


P.F.B. Equipment expanded its factory by 60 × 150 ft., proof of our successful product offering and increased demand for our expert services.


In February 2012, P.F.B. Equipment acquired Idéal Division Stalles in a strategic move to add new dealers to its network, and to offer our high-quality products throughout Quebec.


To meet growing demand for its products and services, P.F.B. added a large 80 × 150 ft. warehouse to its factory.

Throughout the years

Year after year, our team has always diversified its product offering and constantly added new services for livestock farmers, such as manual and hydraulic hoof trimmers, manual carts, grain augers, and all types of waterers.


P.F.B. Equipment is now an industry leader with a reputation built on a diverse offer of tie stalls, free stalls and hardware that aims to meet the needs of Canadian livestock farmers. We maintain a large inventory of products to ensure quick delivery, and our wide distribution network includes some 40 dealers across Canada for unparalleled personalized service.

Équipe d'Équipements PFB

Our Values

We place great emphasis on courteous service and respecting our customers. This mindset also applies to our relations with colleagues, suppliers and distributors.

Success is built on being attentive to others’ needs and on effective teamwork that encourages sharing of knowledge and experience.

Because we began and grew as a family operation, the well-being of everyone on our team has always been at the heart of our actions and decisions. P.F.B. does everything it can to provide its employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Going forward requires a specific goal. Ours is to become the industry leader in North America, nothing less. This strong ambition is what drives us every day to improve the quality of our products and services.

A network of dealers who can help you find the right solution for your needs

In Ontario, the Maritimes and Quebec, all our dealers are at your service to guide you through the solutions available from P.F.B. Equipment.