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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For clear answers to questions about the design, use, maintenance, sale and repair of P.F.B. products, check out our FAQ section.

Using steel means solid and rigid free stalls for ideal positioning of the animal in a clean and comfortable resting area. Steel free stalls are more durable.

Our free stalls are proudly made and distributed in Canada along with other equipment designed to meet the needs of Canadian producers.

Free stall and feeders installed in dry areas, the post are 3/16″ thick. Structures that come into contact with manure have double thickness at 3/8″ thick.

Post depth is determined by a P.F.B. expert before installation. P.F.B. will supply you with plans and specifications for your project, and we’ll make every effort to accompany you every step of the way.

Most P.F.B. products are hot dip galvanized keeping with the strictest international standards (AGA,CCA,OIQ,ACRGTQ,SCGC)

P.F.B. Equipment has the best dealer network in the business. Our website can help you find the dealer nearest you.

Our heated waterers are designed to operate at 120 volts. They use 5 amperes or 580 watts.

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