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You raise the herd.
We raise the standards.

For more than 25 years, P.F.B. Equipment has been providing dairy farmers across Canada with the best equipment for their operations, as well as optimal solutions for cattle feedlots and professional advice on how to operate them. Our main goal is to help our customers get the best possible yields, while
respecting animals and their well-being.


Products that challenge industry standards

P.F.B. Equipment has developed an enviable reputation over the years in the design and manufacture of farm equipment for cattle producers. Tough, durable, efficient – our products stand out thanks to a vast selection that meets the needs of farmers while exceeding industry standards. See their benefits right here on our site!

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Flagship Products

logettes animaux installation pour ferme production animal


P.F.B. Equipment free stalls have been designed to provide optimal comfort for your animals.
stalles animaux installation pour ferme production animal


Tie stalls developed by P.F.B. experts offer your animals superior safety.

mangeoires carcans animaux installation pour ferme production animal


P.F.B. lock feeders are designed for ease of use and offer your animals superior comfort.


Always ready to help, P.F.B. experts provided advice that was greatly appreciated during the entire project. What a pleasure it was to do business with competent professionals!

Majédia SENC Farm

A network of dealers who can help you find the right solution for your needs

In Ontario, the Maritimes and Quebec, all our dealers are at your service to guide you through the solutions available from P.F.B. Equipment.

Un réseau de concessionnaires qui sauront vous guider vers la bonne solution

Au Québec, dans les Maritimes comme en Ontario, tous nos concessionnaires sont là pour répondre à vos questions et vous guider à travers les solutions d’Équipements P.F.B. Trouvez le revendeur le plus proche de chez vous et découvrez à ses côtés les avantages-clés de nos produits.


Expo-champs 2019

Expo-champs 2019 Venez rencontré notre équipe d’expert lors de passage à la prochaine édition de l’expo-champs du 27 au 29 août 2019. Plusieurs produits sur place afin de vous démontrer les avantages et la qualité de la vaste gamme de produits de Équipements P.F.B. inc. Au plaisir de ce revoir! Trouvez le concessionnaire le plus […]



Why are your free stalls made of steel instead of plastic?


Are your free stalls made in Canada?


How thick are free stall post and feeders post?


How depth posts should be set in the concrete?


Are PFB products made of hot dip galvanized steel?

La recherche et l’innovation. Au cœur de nos préocupations.


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